Bea Last


I am essentially concerned with the exploration of paint onto canvas and my relationship to it, its application and the dynamics thereof. Working with the process of addition and subtraction, movement, memory and energy, while evolving a series of paintings concurrently. I feel one of the many roles of an artist is to challenge peoples points of perception and to present different ways of seeing things in order for one to assume reponsibility for ones own thoughts & actions. If we are constantly drip fed images which are 'comfortable' we eventually stop 'seeing' and therefore stop thinking. In that sense, although my practice is working on a very subtle level they can be cosidered politcal & indeed have been used as a sounding block for such discussions. The paintings although working through the medium of energy,movement and memory allow freedom of expression and in some senses appear confrontational and challenging. My paintings are a record of my journey through time and my connection to both my external & internal landscape. My working drawings, along with my sketchbooks are a vital part of my creative process allowing freedom of mark making without self-conciousness. The fluid energy created through these drawings are crucial to my practice and help me stay connected to the paintings that i am wotking on,helping me move forward in their development. Through the rapidity and reptitiveness of the mark making, the element of movement through time occurs. By focusing on the abstract and eliminating the figurative or narrative i am trying to capture the beauty of the marks. With the installation of working drawings and those in my sketchbooks, comes the realisation that drawings do not have to be contained and that they can, like the paintings, have a very physical and emotional presence and in that sense can be confrontational. read full statement

Location Castle Douglas, Scotland
Activities Further education, Residencies, Workshops, Private commissions, Gallery education
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags Abstract, Expressionism, Painting, Contemporary, Black and White, Corporate, Gallery, sketchbooks, Drawing