Photo: Barry Spence in Bury, North West

Barry Spence

Artist, Maker

My images invite viewers to share boundless pictorial spaces inspired by nature and humanity. The compositions draw emotions and feelings alongside themes of birth/death, creation/destruction, regeneration and constantly changing structures such as fire and the universe. My work is heavily influenced by the effects of light, from a cosmic Big-Bang to the glow of a desert city in the last throes of a scorching sunset. Communicating through suggestive rather than representational pictures with colour as the central force of the creative process and charging my work with symbolic meaning I attempt to give the paintings a physical presence that is both abstract and referential. The works are completed solely in oils using a variety of techniques and implements. Barry Spence has work in contemporary collections throughout the UK and worldwide and has worked worked on many successful projects with interior designers around the UK.

Location Bury, North West
Activities Residencies, Workshops, Private commissions, Digital Design
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Furniture, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags painting artwork interiors gilding contemporary oils acrylics murals design eglomise

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