Photo: Babette Martini in Dortmund, Germany

Babette Martini

Artist, Lecturer / academic

My work examines the expression of emotional and bodily states. I understand expression as something transient and being formed through experience. In this way expression in my work is not intentional or a gesture - it is the result of material transformations, the interplay between process and medium. The artistic process itself, its impetus and the unforeseen event become essential to my artwork. The expressive potential of the artwork in its various stages of making or the in-between stages becomes for me equally as valid as the finished piece. I therefore investigate various means such as digital photography and filming through which the different stages of the artistic process can be made visible and can be integrated into the artwork as a whole. I am especially interested in processes of replication and how they can be expressive. The work is produced in series where each piece refers to the experience and the process of making the previous one. My current work focuses on facial expressions. On the one hand, they are to be understood as a reflection of inner feelings, the face being read as a text. On the other, expression itself becomes the mask we present to the world. By combining materials which are traditionally employed in making images of the human figure, my practice examines the expressive potential of each medium and how it inter-relates with the other. read full statement

Location Dortmund, Germany
Activities Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Workshops
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Printmaking, Research, Sculpture
Tags sculpture, figure, body, drawing, terracotta

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