Photo: Aylwin Greenwood-Lambert in Sheffield, Yorkshire

Aylwin Greenwood-Lambert


As Homo Faber we exist through objects, our actions and experiences mediated by them; they are no longer mere tools but extensions of ourselves. My practice is built around an investigation of the objects that surround us where I consider them in terms of being comprised of a network of both physical (essential and accidental) and abstract (eg function, types of meaning) elements and attempt to understand the nature of these elements, their manner of coexistence and relationship with such things as aesthetics, creativity and art. The objects that are produced within my investigation are born out of an attempt to understand and accentuate connections between certain elements through interacting with them. Generally I begin with a pre-existing object within which I perceive a certain relationship as being more pronounced than it is within other objects before applying an intuitive logic in deciding how to tackle that object in order to simultaneously understand and accentuate this relationship. Objects may be altered, displayed, represented and utilised in a variety of ways to achieve this however they are always treated as the things they are rather than as signs which can be used to represent something (although it should be noted that occasionally the initial objects may themselves be designed to function as signs). Often the manner in which they are treated is as important as the appearance of the final object - this is dictated by the interactions that are made with the object rather than vice versa. Where visual language is employed it is used to draw attention to an already existing aspect or else counter an unnecessary distraction. I try to make the actions performed as visible as possible in order to make an audience aware of them - I do not want to conceal anything with mysterious techniques and crafting of objects is kept to a minimum in favour of assembling pre-existing components. This both enables the viewer the option of recreating an object in order to further understand whilst keeping unnecessary decisions to a minimum, thus limiting the possibility of producing objects which unwittingly function as a medium for subjective communication. This is important as the finished objects are not intended to be containers of art nor displays of visual rhetoric, rather they are intended as meta-things which aim to dissect the idea of an object and deconstruct how we relate to objects on a cerebral level.

Location Sheffield, Yorkshire
Activities Practice-based research
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Film & Video, Photography, Sculpture, Text
Tags Object, Thingness, Function, Meaning, Metaphysics, Process, Aesthetics, Conceptual, Objecthood

News & Events

  • The Imaginary Museum: Art Library as Archive

    06/03/2015 – 27/03/2015
    Leeds College of Art Library, Vernon Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 8PH

    Curated by Louise Atkinson Intervention at Leeds College of Art Library

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  • The Editions (Part of Collections and Collaborations)

    07/03/2015 – 22/03/2015
    The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds LS10 1JQ

    Edited by Sharon Kivland The contributors to THE EDITIONS are past and present students from the MA and PhD programmes in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam

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  • Lorem Ipsum (Part of Collections and Collaborations)

    07/03/2015 – 22/03/2015
    The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds LS10 1JQ

    Curated by Louise Atkinson Produced from an Open Call for new and existing artworks relating to the histories of writing and text.

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  • The Kippenberger Challenge (Part of Collections and Collaborations)

    07/03/2015 – 22/03/2015
    The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds LS10 1JQ

    The Kippenberger Challenge is an open invitation to equal Martin Kippenberger’s average annual printed output of 7.45 books.

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  • Looking at the Reflection of Reality

    04/12/2014 – 11/12/2014
    Mark Devereaux Projects, 4th Floor, Federation House, Federation Street/Balloon Street, Manchester, M4 2AH

    The theme of exhibition, Looking at the reflection of reality, challenges the notion of how we see and understand elements within our daily lives.

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  • Bundle of Sticks

    01/08/2014 – 31/08/2014
    Spode Factory and Museum

    Based on Aesop's Fable 'The Bundle Of Sticks' the exhibition features a diverse group of emerging and established artists from different areas of the UK, with no direct link to one another.

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  • Mexico Members Show 2014

    14/02/2014 – 16/02/2014

    The exhibition features thirty-four works by our members, who were each asked to produce a black and white image to be printed in A1 Exhibition preview: Thursday 13th February 6 – 8pm

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  • Beyond Merely Assembling

    08/11/2013 – 20/11/2013
    Mark Devereux Projects , 1st Floor Federation House Federation Street, Manchester, M60 0AF

    With works considering the way in which we respond to the environment around us, the spaces we occupy & how we often try to make-do with what we have.

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  • Bankley Open 2013

    04/10/2013 – 25/10/2013
    Bankley Studios, Bankley Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3PP

    Bankley Open Call 2013 is the first in a proposed annual series of exhibitions selected from submissions from UK artists.

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