Photo: Augustus Veinoglou in Edinburgh, Scotland

Augustus Veinoglou

Artist, Project manager, Community worker
Early career

My work is concerned with ideas of immersion, entrapment and sanctity as the means of instigating calm, desire and sensuality within poetically designed space. I am interested incorporating tactile and material based approaches for the construction of poetic spatial and immersive experiences. My sculptural practice is informed by architectural theory, mental spaces, the architecture of traps, ruins and notions of the derelict and the deserted and recently by the church architecture of the curved stone churches and troglodyte caves of Cappadocia. I am currently interested in ideas related to the subtraction - removal of physical space and material as the means of discovering new poetics and dynamics within our current built environment.

Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Activities Adult education, Special needs education, Residencies, Workshops, Disability arts, Community arts, Technical installation
Artforms / type of project Education project, Digital, Drawing, Film & Video, Installation, Intervention, Sculpture