Antonia Spowers

Artist, Maker

Concepts My work as an environmental sculptor has explored themes of continuity and energy. There is an increasing focus on water in all its aspects, behaviour, altered states and symbolism and an interest in sustainable energy for kinetic work. The water theme has led to the exploration of new materials - glass, both cast and blown, perspex and stainless steel. 'Glass Mountain' combines materials including 6,000 year old bog oak to suggest the transforming processes in nature. Ideas of continuity and connection and an interest in layers beneath the surface are a direction for new work and conversely I am also exploring themes of disconnection and displacement. Influences Alternative energy, landscape, new physics, ancient cultures/myths, environment/ecology, the human figure, British, White, own gender (female), heterosexual, elements, water. Career path I moved to Wales from London six years ago and have combined exhibiting, commissions and residences in this country and an international sculpture park in Lithuania. The residences have included work with schools, local communities and environmental volunteers. I am starting on a new body of work which will include direct bronze casting from paper forms and casting in acrylic, glass and stainless steel. read full statement

Location Brecon, Wales
Activities Primary education, Residencies, Workshops, Public art, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Environment, Glass, Installation, Sculpture
Tags Paperworks, Landscape, Water, Drawing, Metalwork, Woodwork, Research, Projects, Archaeology, Mixed media