Anthony Patterson


Visual Attraction 'If we define art as part of the realm of experience, we can assume that after a viewer looks at a piece he leaves with the art, because the 'art' has been experienced.' (James Turrell, 2007) My work is largely an exploration concerned with the themes of pattern, reflection and repetition, and positive and negative spaces, which exist all around us in both the organic and artificial realms and yet are viewed from our own individual perspective. We all look at the same things but see them differently. Through the application of mirrored materials and kaleidoscopic symmetry, the artwork will compel the spectator to bring their own perception and mood in order to make the art complete. Further enhanced through experimentation with scale, creating the illusion of an infinite space extending far beyond its confines. Bringing an animation through the movement and interaction that they will contribute viewers will cast a new perspective around themselves and their surroundings and in doing so create their own experience. Variations in light, movement and individual interpretation should allow infinite reflections, patterns and a unique vision for everyone. The exhibition for this project provided an opportunity to construct a piece in conjunction with the space it will be displayed. In order to focus the viewer's gaze and enhance their interaction, it was modified into a contained blacked out environment. Designed around a central piece but with a wide field of vision; members of the audience perceive and interpret the artwork differently depending on their orientation and movement. The form of the central piece is similar in appearance to the funnel shape of a black hole. Adapting upon the metaphor that the works reflective interior will draw the viewer to it, similar to a black hole, which by nature draws everything into its centre. As the viewer brings their participation to the artwork they will then to some degree leave with a part of it, namely the memory of their thoughts and the experience they felt. read full statement

Location Swansea, Wales