Anthony Lam

I am a photographic artist whose work examines and explores notions and (un) realities of boundaries and borders. A conceptual framework of difference, dislocation and detachment informs my projects and are themes that I actively engage with and pursue. My diverse photographic practice is located within representational and social concerns, addressing issues of identity, culture and place from a personal and socio political viewpoint. Most of my project work makes comment on aspects of the environmental and social conditioning that shapes peoples and our (image) perception of certain spaces and places, particularly east London, Hong Kong and China. I am interested in how to reconnect with and remake an image of place(s) that reflects my experience of (a) place and society over a period of years. With all my photo series, I am interested in developing the potential for the photography to challenge and evoke a space for interpretation and contextual reading(s) outside of it, further exploring the potential of the narrative construct. And I am becoming increasingly interested in examining the potential for different outcomes for each series of work, expanding the possibilities for distribution and my own social and critical practice. read full statement

Location London