Anthony Boswell


Throughout my years working as an artist, I have mostly been isolated and concerned with my preoccupation and need for rooting out the ways in which that what interests me the most, what as been my underlying drive, can be uncovered and explored in my work. This subject, if it can indeed be called by that term, is the pent-up energy, the spiritual, the unseen effects of nature in its real sense, in the figure and the land, in mystery, time (or the lack of it) and melancholy. In other words, reality. Having explored many mediums and methods of trying to capture this essence, I have returned again to the old themes of nature. As I am fixed predominantly within the British painting tradition of the first half of the Twentieth Century and modernism, drawing and painting are my preferred medium. I aim to capture the eternal, the infinite, the idea of the cathedral within the small. The use of the empty drawing surface allows the engagement of where the contents of real space can be found: sound, the elements, that outside of our vision and so on. The aim is to develop a meditative quality to both the work and the experience surrounding its development, for I believe personal experience is important in the role of the artist and the idea of the artwork being a bridge between art and life, mirroring back upon oneself ones own view of life. read full statement

Location Netherton, West Midlands
Artforms Drawing

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