Photo: Annie Ward in Lyme Regis, South West

Annie Ward

Artist, Maker

I create a broad spectrum of work from paintings to altered books and installations. My work revolves around concepts of domesticity and kinship as well as the gendered nature of history. The attraction of this area of research is its capacity to reclaim attention for the ‘unseen’, the deliberately forgotten, the misplaced and the over-looked. Exploring the lives of my own female relations is a way to contextualise and situate my own present experiences in time and space. We all build our identities through affinities or resemblances or by engaging with one another’s life narrative. Contemplating family history, whether it be recent or from many generations ago, centres the imagination, memory, and the important role which story-telling has to play in connecting us all to one another in the present day. read full statement

Location Lyme Regis, South West
Activities Participatory projects, Private commissions
Artforms Book Works, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags paper, paper casting, history, memory, narrative, still life, feminism, Domestic, painting, drawing