Ann Goddard

Ann Goddard

Artist, Maker

My practice explores the crossover between the Fine Art and Fine Craft disciplines of sculpture and textiles. Working across these boundaries I make mixed media constructions, assemblages and small installations comprising multiple units. Rather than direct representation, I aim to utilise the provenance and intrinsic qualities of materials, to evoke associations and carry the essence of ideas.

Working methods begin with thorough research followed by experimental sampling. Ideas are explored by working directly with materials. Techniques and processes vary as they are informed by my research. My preferred method of working is construction; building up forms by assembling separately prepared units. Textile elements such as felted fibres, fabric and stitch are frequently juxtaposed with concrete, wood, metal or natural materials.

Investigation into the marginalisation of textile practice led to questioning the role and function of boundaries. The resulting body of work references a variety of boundaries including those between art and craft, between genres, between men and women's work, and those in the landscape. Current work reflects my concern for the environment, in particular the impact of human activity on nature. My main interest is the threat to biodiversity. Focus is on the small, overlooked life forms that are in danger of extinction due to the destruction of their habitats. The pieces allude to the vulnerability and fragility of nature. A consequence of this work has been the development of small format artworks that explore the possibilities of concentrating ideas into a miniature size.

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Location Chester, North West
Activities Practice-based research
Artforms / type of project Environment, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Textiles