Photo: Anne-Mie Melis in Pontypridd, Wales

Anne-Mie Melis

Artist, Gallery educator

Anne-Mie Melis work explores the visual nature of plants and their role in an increasingly technology-infiltrated world. She combines sculpture, photography, animation and drawings in conceptual installations which ignite our senses and question the interaction between our current environment, the engineering of nature and our changing climate. She uses a variety of media; large-scale architectural botanical drawings, assembled objects, composed from plant parts or pruned shrubs, dried plant specimens, stop motion animations and photographs. Her large-scale drawings are embedded in the tradition of botany, but a contemporary visual language is used. Some of her photographs refer to plant remnants of a future nature, visualizing a new world with man-tailored organisms. Playful, but also disturbing, the plants show new qualities and actions unfamiliar to our actual surrounding greens. Her work explores science, art, natural creation and interference. The animations are the results of a visual research into movement, growth development and evolutionary changes of plants reacting to our future environment. read full statement

Location Pontypridd, Wales
Activities Residencies, Workshops, Learning programmes, Photographic documentation
Artforms / type of project Animation, Drawing, Installation, Photography, Sculpture
Tags environment, nature, science, ecology