Annemarie O'Sullivan

I used to be a swimmer and I feel there's a real link between swimming and working with willow. I get totally immersed; there's something slightly obsessive in both. When I was young I used to dream I was swimming down the road, now I dream I am weaving. Environmentalist Roger Deakin, author of 'Waterlog' has been a big inspiration. His quest was to swim wild throughout Britain chimes with my instinctive enthusiasm for the outdoors and the freeing effects of working in nature. Other influences are basketmakers Mary Butcher and Tim Johnson. I am also interested in French culture, in which life seems to be much closer to the source of everything. I think it was the shortage of willow classes and access to basketmakers that really galvanised my commitment to follow this path. If it had been on my doorstep and really easy to do I might not have done it. I had to work really hard to find classes, but when I did, I was so inspired. read full statement

Location Lewes, South East