Anna Perch-Nielsen

Anna Perch-Nielsen

My work is sculpture and installation based. It has always been concerned with bringing audiences to a location in which an installation examines and enhances the architectural or environmental space. I use drawing and printmaking as both a resource and extension for the generation of working ideas. In 2005 I began a series of four unique prints, which developed from the garden theme of my
most recent installation Ready to Assemble GOE- and the Lollipop tree. The sculpture, installation and prints are documented in my images.

The use of flat colour in the prints visually investigates a real sense of space. On closer inspection, subtle qualities reveal their handmade origins, contradictory to the initial impression. Within them I try to convey the notion of the garden as a sanctuary or place of rest, a space that has an indefinable energy, which allows individual transcendence from the banality of the everyday.

The "lollipop tree" highlights the commercial and retail value that is now directed towards gardening and landscape management. Simultaneously it reflects the beautiful, varied and bountiful natural adornment that nature can offer.

The Space Where I am explores personal and public space. The structure of the installation is made totally of reclaimed windows. I chose to use these types of window because they are obviously aged household windows demonstrating clear associations with everyday domestic interiors. Their originality being important as visionary access between interiors and exteriors. It creates an atmosphere that juxtaposes contradictory feelings such as containment/freedom, isolation/exposure, vulnerability/strength, myth/reality, spirituality. The inclusion of the raven emphasises the emptiness of the space, this created a situation where the viewer was left with the feeling of being observed rather than being the observer.

I use casting in my sculpture work as I find the process of replication or imprinting from an original creates an intriguing balance of relationship between forms and materials.
I am directly influenced by themes of time, which are clearly demonstrated in the seasonal, and natural cycle of growth and decay. Poetry and Nature inspire my thoughts about this subject and influence my practice.

Career path
2005-2006 Artist in Residence George Watson's College, Edinburgh
2003-2005 Artist in Residence The Edinburgh Academy, Edinburgh
October 2003 Robert Fleming Residency. Hospitalfield
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Location Glasgow, Scotland