Anna Boland

Artist, Lecturer / academic

Today we are surrounded by a world that consists of hyperspace, virtual reality, cyborgs, genetic engineering, germ warfare, and advances in communication technology are developing at an alarming rate. I have always been interested in science and technology and have spent the past seven years working and exploring within this field through my art practice. More specifically I am interested in cause, effect, and mutation and how we are causing mutations to happen to ourselves. My previous paintings draw on mutation, bacteria and electronic circuitry and the idea of combining internal man made workings with our own human biology. Currently I am focusing on mobile phones, and the possible health implications they could cause to the body. The latest laboratory based research, the Reflex study, suggests radio waves from mobiles permanently alter DNA in human and animal cells. Such mutations are seen as a possible cause of cancer. read full statement

Location Plymouth, South West
Activities Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Community arts, Public art
Artforms / type of project Education project, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Public Art