I am an artist that works with people not canvas. Through my practice I test methods and processes of collaboration and participation and my work is both research and production based. I explore the art of everyday life and involve everyday people in investigations of human connection with place using an inter-disciplinary approach. The work is co-made and takes diverse forms ranging from live events, tours, publications, installations, video and photography to eating cakes and sipping tea. Bringing other people into my practice is a core element. My work is context and site specific and starts with on-site research: involvement into the daily life of everyday people and their area. My practice takes place in live environments rather than in a studio. I share as many art processes as possible with people and I see this process as a work in itself often leading to the emergence of other works. I act as a catalyst, a facilitator, a host, a service provider, a support structure, an administrator, a waitress, a producer, a baker - in short an artist. read full statement

Location London