Photo: Angela Bowles in Colchester, East

Angela Bowles

Artist, Maker, Teacher, Community worker
Early career

The main thrust of my practice has been in the field of Art and Science, I am not only at ease within this field but I am also enthused by scientific approaches and processes. Like a rhizome, the theme of art and science meanders, diverts and then converges either randomly or specifically. At every con-junction there is scope for exploration and examination. For me it feels like unravelling the undetermined. My exploration into cyanotype printing has cemented my allegiance with science, I realise this is my natural place. This work embraces the element of chance, which is unique and virtually impossible to reproduce. It is in these cyanotype prints that I have exploited the idea of ambiguity, I am fascinated how the brain unrelentingly tries to make sense of what we see, always looking for the narrative of the familiar. I am working towards a visual aesthetic that can convey this to the viewer. My subject is the biology of the body, in particular the internal body. My practice examines the possibilities of externalising the internal. I will bring into view the 'hidden' in order to create a dialogue. I want a system of images that defy normal understanding; my work is not what it seems to be. I intend to confuse the audience by engaging with science and modern technologies that produce disjointed, fragmented or repeated motifs. My materials are natural, organic plants and fruits. I have found that living tissues are remarkably similar, whether it is plant or human. Many of the underlining structures show comparable components, shapes and patterns. These structures are found throughout the natural world. Regardless of the processes I utilise, organic living material produces a surface configuration of complexity and intricacies. Which demands macro lens photography and careful contemplation.

Location Colchester, East
Activities Early years education, Residencies, Workshops, Learning programmes, Community arts, Participatory projects
Artforms / type of project Digital, Film & Video, Installation, Photography, Printmaking
Tags Science Photography Printmaker Digital