Andy Jackson

My paintings are an investigation into mark-making and objecthood through multiple methods and processes - these are intrinsically linked to histories of abstract painting and the here-and-now of a painted surface: A squeegeed mark in a metallic pastel shade of brown may cover the entire gessoed plane of a particular painting, evoking a stone tablet or marble surface. Another squeegeed mark may be much smaller in width (5cm or less) and applied with alternating pressure mimicking the look of an organic form (a plant in green/a fossil in grey) a record of a past moment. Isometric fragments in a series called ‘Set Paintings’ are composed within the limits of a paintings pictorial edge: the hard edged modernists have left the building, leaving their planes, rectangles and triangles stuck in an apparent ‘two dimensional’, motionless void. A crack is traced from a particular paving stone then transferred and etched onto a super flat primed board. Horizontal negative space is transferred onto vertical pictorial space: the romanticism of recording a landscape in paint is reconfigured as a negation onto a monochromatic surface. Upon the surface of these paintings is a cataloguing of forma (traced cracks, isometric planes, a ‘historical’ trace, a mimicry of matter), which harmonise, disrupt and subvert traditions of abstraction. read full statement

Location London