Andrew Schumann

See for details of my work Concepts I have become increasingly interested in the materials of our earth, the natural repetitive structures and simple but subtle variations. 'Make/Grow 2', 'Half Fathom Column' and 'Joyous Tree' are all based on repeated elements with slight variations - the Darwinian concept of variation producing potential advantage. 'Scales 2' uses 'worthless' materials - discarded seashells - and materials of 'value' - titanium sheet - in contrast and balance. The sum of our beautiful world, animate and inanimate, is materials, no more no less. Influences artistic: art history, Jean Arp, Giorgio Morandi, natural world: plants, materials, engineering: materials and processes Career path Although I went to Cambridge University to study Natural Sciences, my very tolerant tutors allowed me to end up with a degree in Art History. But to earn a living I worked for a number of years in the engineering industry, sculpting when I could and going on short courses to learn various sculpture techniques. In 1985 I was able to set up as a full-time sculptor and now have a well-equipped studio in an old warehouse overlooking the river in King's Lynn. My experience in industry has helped when tackling larger projects (like my millennium column on the quay in King's Lynn). read full statement

Location King's Lynn, East