Andrew Reeve

Andrew Reeve


Since graduating in 2012 my art practice has developed through exploring different media and styles including sculpture and conceptual works, however painting is my preferred medium. Underlying themes throughout the work include the human figure, and the human condition.

I prefer to use my own photographic source material as the basis for a painting as this allows me to work at a slower pace. I enjoy the fluidity of paint; it allows for loose and expressive gestures which require restraint if a layer or section has to dry – this instigates a period of looking, contemplating, and decision making before the work continues.

Texture in painting is important to my work and by cutting into (or adding onto) a work a certain tangibility arises that may remind the viewer of the hands-on element in the process of painting.

I try to allow my paintings to develop organically with the intention that the paint, as far as possible, determines the composition, and title, as well as the subject.

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Location Colchester, East
Activities Creative writing, Marketing/communications, Web development
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Unclassified
Tags found objects, painting, drawing, figurative, cutting, scalpel, Sculpture, Deconstruction, Construction

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