Photo: Andrew Reeve in Norwich, East

Andrew Reeve

Early career

By way of simple introduction, and with happily no say in the matter, Andy Reeve began on August 1st 1977. Thirty five years later, and describing himself in public as “an artist”, he continued an inquiry into creating paintings, sculpture, conceptual work, and drawings using any method, and, or, material available. Andy has thought about his art, and concluded it is relatively simple: “It comes from places only one’s closest recognise and understand because it is familiar. When people, especially those one has never met, recognise it, then one has created, in the truest sense, an artwork.” Reeve’s work so far is confusing. There doesn’t seem to be coherence, but does there need to be? In the age of instant access it becomes increasingly difficult to focus. It is entirely fine if one loses focus, however knowing when it appears blurred can be of immense use. I assume, with humility, this statement declaring I make whatever I feel I should make, suggests whimsy and lazily-tethered imagination. Decide: “Whichever way you choose, for you alone, either way is the right way until love no more.” “Okay.” As a successfully incoherent art practitioner with obvious Narcissistic tendencies towards determining his milieu, this is what Andy, enthusiastically, tried to tell himself (when faced with his ‘self’), quoting: ‘The Self and Understanding Problems Associated with Belief – A Dramatic Ego/Love Analysis’, which, helpfully, mirrors his guilt for choosing to try in the first place. read full statement

Location Norwich, East
Activities Creative writing
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Unclassified
Tags found objects, painting, drawing, figurative, philosophical, reappropriation, cutting, vandalism, Norwich Twenty Group, Norwich University of the Arts

News & Events

  • A Letter in Mind

    03/10/2014 – 06/10/2014
    The Gallery, Oxo Tower Wharf

    The National Brain Appeal celebrates its 30th anniversary with this exhibition comprising of artist responses to the Letter in Mind title. Artists include Grayson Perry, and Billy Childish.

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  • Open Art Exhibition

    03/10/2014 – 23/10/2014
    The Pennoyer Centre

    A mixed media open art exhibition held in a former chapel. To date, the show is not listed on their website.

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  • Carved, Cast and Constructed

    19/08/2014 – 31/08/2014
    Wymondham Arts Centre

    A mixed sculpture exhibition curated by Ros Newman (Norwich Twenty Group).

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  • Moore in Focus: A Friendship in Letters

    27/05/2014 – 20/07/2014
    Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

    A number of artists will collaborate and interact with the Moore in Focus: A Friendship in Letters exhibition at the Sainsbury Cenre for Visual Arts by MA Museum Studies students of the UEA.

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  • What Is The Point?

    06/06/2014 – 28/06/2014
    Adam Street, Private Members Club, The Strand, London, WC2N 6AA

    An exhibition featuring 15 selected artists from the UK and worldwide. Each artist is creating a one-off artwork responding to the exhibition title 'What Is The Point?

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