Andrew Gannon

Faced with the question of what to make or how to make, it seems impossible to ignore current events or to work outside of my means. Whilst I have no desire to be didactic, I must make work from a position true to my beliefs. Under these circumstances I find it best to work with materials that are close to hand, abundant, inexpensive or free. My recent work has been largely performative. I have an interest in lightness, as a subject, but more so, as a way of operating. I look to make work with as little as possible. I set out to learn new things and to produce work that I do not expect. I look to failure as a useful way of surprising myself and often set up actions or events that have the potential to fail, hopefully in useful and interesting ways. These actions or events are, more often than not, very slight and unspectacular; I do not seek theatricality. I am interested in visibility and temporality; I appreciate sincerity and honesty and I rely heavily on the generosity of others. Taking into account all of these qualities and concerns, more often than not, I arrive at performative work. As with all temporal work it is necessary to present documentation. I have chosen to do this by making posters, usually comprising line drawings and simple texts. Whether intentional or not, all documentation involves a process of editing, staging, framing, and positioning. The posters present simple, interesting and considered representations of the works, whilst at the same time, making clear the editing process and raising questions of authenticity. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland