Andrew Cheetham


Since moving to Scarborough several years ago, I have been interested in documenting the fishing industry. In 2004, after making enquiries to the Harbour Master, I rented a baiting shed on the harbour's West Pier to use as a studio. In this time I have seen Scarborough's fishing fleet decline in number, with owners selling their boats and gear. Whilst at first the fishermen were wary of me - thinking I was checking their quotas when stood sketching them - they are now used to me drawing them at work and I have enjoyed being out on their boats. I asked the fishermen to sit for me but none of them would. As one said; "Time is Money" So I asked my friends and family to sit instead. During this time the sea has been a constant in my work. Constantly changing, constantly inspiring. I step outside my studio and there it is! read full statement

Location Scarborough, Yorkshire