Andrew Adair


I have always felt a strong affinity with my medium, in particular its variety and unpredictability. Torn edges, cracks, slumped shapes, textures, all things I happily incorporate and cultivate within my surfaces and forms. I am a great believer in letting the clay express itself, maintaining the integrity of the material, making sure that it is clearly manifest in the finished piece. Although my work is not concerned with the pot as function I still very much enjoy the 'potness of the pot', something to be handled, to be enjoyed not just by the eye.Whilst at Art School my greatest influence was one of my tutors, the Australian potter, Alan Peascod. Through him I came to better understand the importance of the relationship between clay and glaze, form and surface, and to appreciate its historic and continuing significance. Much about my work is to do with the glazed surface and I invest considerable time investigating and developing my own glazes and techniques. I believe that it is often the vibrancy of the glaze which will leave the greatest impression on the viewer.

Location Dumfries, Scotland
Activities Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Ceramics