Photo: Andie Clay in Cardigan, Wales

Andie Clay


My current work is concerned with explorations of gestural mark-making in which there are necessarily elements of self investgation both as an individual and in an essentially feminine context. Hence my work is essentially a dialogue between the Self and the Image in which aesthetic and emotive elements interact both as concave and convex mirrors, the one seamlessly informing and invigorating the other. This body of work, with its revisited themes, references the inner and outer landscapes of fundamental natural phenomena, in particular forms drawn from the coastal and moorland regions of Wales - both desolate and inhospitable terrains etched with the challenges and choices of a lifetime of tracks, courses and pathways; solitude; and the concept of the journey in all its many forms. Further series of works spring from my investigations into natural vibrations - by this I mean influences of sound, resonances, and cycles. Abstracted mark making has its inception in such paths which are a metaphor for the nature of the environment within which the 'best' path may lie. Physically and metaphorically this has an ambivalent feeling of both indifference and suspicion, but with the eternal hope that over the horizon lies evidence of it being 'the right way.' The awareness that the Universe embodies the antiphonal state references an interest in Eastern philosophies, with transcultural influences arising through embracing reflective research ranging from a spiritual awareness to calligraphic mark making and an ongoing study and practice of Tai Chi Chu'an. Recent research and development into resonances has led my developing path towards an experimental form of language that seeks to express my visceral responses, self informing and incubating my practice. I begin by making a set of decisions to provide a framework for the journey. As I push beyond the surface and come at ideas from other directions and points of view I allow chance and accident to play their part in influencing the final destination.

Location Cardigan, Wales
Activities Adult education, Residencies, Workshops
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting
Tags visual artist, conceptual artist, drawing based practice, mixed media, art workshops, life drawing tuition, tai chi student + teacher, gestural mark making

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