Amy Olds

Artist, Maker

My paintings combine the formal language of two-dimensional frontality with the beguiling illusion of space created within an abstract picture plane. By employing random and sometimes ambiguous layers the paint is shaped and surrounded by pattern thus creating a series of amorphous forms that seem to continue outside the boundaries of the painted surface. Each painting begins as a collection of loose, gestural colour shapes upon which patterns and lines are built up or set against. Although the subsequent layers are influenced by, and in a sense mapping the initial gesture, it is clear that they are the result of a completely different mark-making process. The first action is free, large and expressionistic, while the secondary actions are self-consciously repetitive. Despite being process based these paintings are not entirely free of decorative manipulation. My use of repetition and pattern derives from my interest in creating a different pace within the work for viewers to engage with and different focal points for them to discover and enjoy. The choices I make about the colours and shapes are purely aesthetic but at the same time a tool with which to slow down the speed of perception and create optical challenges. Texture and colour relationships become tactile elements that contribute to the overall feeling of the painting whilst the patterns refer to the canvas fabric upon which the painting sits. The substance of the paint itself and the rawness of the mark-making form the textural variations that add to the visual depth of the work.

Location London
Activities Private commissions, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Painting
Tags Abstract painting, Contemporary painting, Geometric pattern, Abstract Expressionism

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