Photo: Amelia Beavis-Harrison in Yorkshire

Amelia Beavis-Harrison

Artist, Curator, Writer

Amelia Beavis-Harrison is an artist and curator currently based between the UK and Norway. Amelia’s practice is rooted within performance which is used as a way of interpreting situations and re-defining histories. Part of her practice explores the role of costume within performance questioning its role as an additional part and considering it as a central component that can begin a visual dialogue and generate a performance in its wearing. Often Amelia’s practice brings together two or more contexts and merges them to create a new narrative using symbolism from the pre-existing context. Amelia uses a research based way of working to understand and generate the context to her work. Alongside her performance’s Amelia produces prints as a way of capturing the momentary gestures. Amelia also works as an independent curator and co-directs Lincoln Art Programme. read full statement

Location Yorkshire
Activities Lecturing, Residencies, Participatory projects, Public art, Curating
Artforms Curatorial project, Installation, Live Art, Performance, Sculpture
Tags costume, narrative, situation, performance, history

News & Events

  • Festival of Northern Norway 2015

    I have been selected as one of two recipients for the Ungkunststipend 2015 (Young Artists Scholarship) for the Festspillene i Nord-Norge (The Festival of North Norway). The work will premier in 2015.

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