Amanda Whittle

Amanda Whittle

Artist, Conservator, Project manager, Art therapist

I am an avid collector of the discarded and ‘spent’, delighting in cataloguing such found objects and incorporating them into personal archives which in-turn become a rich collection for source material. I use wax, glass, photographs, thread, water, light, and Letraset to produce artworks ranging from small scale sculptures to wall-hung assemblages. In addition to objects I collect photographs, images, transparencies and excerpts of text which serve as inspiration for montaged works.

I am interested in Archaeology, Geology, Conservation, Contemporary Dance, Alchemy, Buddhism, Mysticism and the Healing Arts. Themes exploring illness, death, dreams, skewed and fading memories and unlived lives intrigue me. Through the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated images/objects new associations and fresh dialogues are created.

After completing a BA(Hons) in Multi-Disciplinary Design at North Staffordshire Polytechnic I further specialised in lost-wax glass casting at the Royal College of Art in 1990-92. It was during the MA in Ceramics and Glass that I became interested in the versatility of the found object/image combined with glass and mixed media materials.

In 1994 I studied Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths College, University of London and since qualifying in 1997 I have held several posts in the NHS, Voluntary Sector and Education working with adults and children in Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. In 2006 I attained a Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation (Paper) from The University of the Arts, Camberwell College.

My own art practice continues to underpin my work as an Art Therapist and Arts Manager. I am currently working part-time as the clinical manager of Arts Therapies at Claremont Project, Islington.

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Location London
Activities Adult education, Art therapy, Arts in health, Disability arts, Community arts, Events management, Project management
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Glass, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Tags Artist, Therapist, Collage, Art Manager