I am interested in the following: Mythological figures, universal archetypes, alchemy, monsters, amorphous hybrid creatures, deities, bogey men, religion, mysticism, child gods, the iconic, the shadow, tricksters, magic, voodoo...primordial images built up from ancestral and shared cultural experiences that surface by night in our dreams. I'd like to know what's hiding in the woodshed and who is messing around, speaking in whispers under the floorboards. I have sought to capture fleeting impressions of these monsters and gods by making my painting process a mixture of conscious and unconscious decisions, chance happenings and a stream of conscious episodes, my will is only partly imposed on the canvas. The world they inhabit is the other side of the hall of mirrors, I take chances with them, ruin them, and then desperately try to claw their precious faces back from the mud. read full statement

Location London