Photo: Allison and Bray in Edinburgh, Scotland

Allison and Bray


Our collaborative practice involves working on site specific projects. We find ourselves naturally drawn to spaces that are not generally used for art installations or exhibitions,and which evoke a strong response. Our combined individual responses to a space and to materials determine our next step in a gradual progression of intuitive responses and research. Increasingly we invite other people with diverse skills to collaborate with us. The project names - New Strains - Path[ways] - Shift - Gift / Gave - make subtle connections with our working practice as it develops. The work is open to individual interpretation and to date it has been temporary, broken up at the end of its alloted time. Our practice addresses current concerns about the accessibility of art, often presenting work in non-gallery spaces.

Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Activities Residencies, Public art, Events management
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Sculpture

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