Photo: Alistair Lambert in London

Alistair Lambert

Artist, Teacher

My work plays at the edge of geometric abstraction.
The sculptures often develop patterns of repeated forms in space, but are rarely regular or predictable. Certain arrangements crystallise into resonant forms, like images brought into sharp focus. Other readings emerge through a more physical response to the work. Like offshoots from architecture, many recent constructions are completed by the presence of people: pausing, moving through, sitting or playing on the work. Like pieces in a puzzle, playfully shifted, the sculptures consolidate specific permutations whilst suggesting infinite variations. 'Tangram Playscape' is a sculptural environment that develops the possibilities suggested by a particular geometric puzzle. Transformations of the pieces suggest a castle in one arrangement and a giant fish in another. In 'Deuddeg' slate triangles fan out like cascading water, and in 'Open Circle' cylinders and circles resemble marble columns or standing stones.Influences Ancient and modern architecture: temples, towers, ruins, building sites. Islamic pattern, brickwork, tessellation. The golden section, natural structures and patterns of growth. Solid geometry, chaos theory, and fractals. Toys and puzzles, folding chairs and old cameras The Bauhaus, Carl Andre, Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, D'Arcy Thompson.Career path Qualifications: Chelsea School of Art (BA) 1985-88 Royal College of Art (MA) 1988-90 Training for Artists in Schools, A Dip Art in professional studies, Institute of Education 1998. 3D computer graphics, City and Guilds, Barnet College, 2001 Residencies in London Schools and workshops in the healthcare sector Sessional tutor, Surrey Institute of Art and Design Chelsea and Westminster Adult Education (foundation tutor) Commissioned since 1985 with an increased output and scale of public artworks since 2000. Now full time artist, working from purpose built studio in North Kensington. Clients include: The London Boroughs of Brent, Kensington and Chelsea Groundwork West London The Bank of Scotland Metropolitan Housing Trust LSI Architects, Norwich Mark Walker Landscape Architects Property partnerships Plc. Bankside Open Spaces Trust Cricklewood Millennium Green Trust Lord Peter Carrington

Location London
Activities Primary education, Secondary education, Special needs education, Residencies, Workshops, Public art, Commissioning
Artforms / type of project Education project, Project, Architecture, Ceramics, Installation, Participatory, Public Art, Sculpture, Woodwork
Tags schools, sculpture, commission, installation, ceramic, arts Week, collaborative, participation, primary school, PRU

News & Events

  • Exhibition at Harrow Arts Centre

    Preparing new sculptures for a one man show at Harrow Arts Centre, Hatch End. Opening on June 2nd, through to June 29th.