Alison Bettles

Artist, Gallerist, Arts administrator, Lecturer / academic

I am interested in the constructed image, questioning assumptions of photographic truth that play with the boundaries of the medium and engage with ideas of theatricality, fiction, and performance. My photographic practice is consistently connected to the familial and domestic space whilst questioning the relationship between the sculptural and the photographic. Using found, familiar and household objects I create ephemeral installations and scenarios where the home becomes a backdrop or theatre set for my picture making. These purpose built sets represent an analysis of both photography and sculpture creating a slippage between the documentary and the theatrical, fact and fiction whilst referencing the everyday, rituals and obsessions of home. The photograph becomes more than just a document of these fabricated constructions that remain ambiguous in their nature and purpose. read full statement

Location Eastbourne, South East
Activities Lecturing, Exhibitions programme, Photographic documentation
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Photography, Research