Alice Highet

Alice Highet is a Designer/ Maker of Jewellery and Sculpture. Creating imagined future life forms, Alice engages with the intersection of technology and nature, drawing on natural processes as metaphors for human experience. Interest in movement, humour and viewer/ wearer interaction with a piece are continuing themes, resulting in the use of low tech mechanisms. Inspiration is diverse and includes organic structures, science fiction/ fact and toys/ kinetic art. Contrasting colourful plastics with silver, traditional silversmithing techniques are fused with digital and industrial technologies such as laser cutting, printing and photo etching. Work is lovingly finished and delicately assembled by hand using rivets and crimps. From this eclectic mix, Alice creates sculptural one off pieces which are complimented by a playful and wearable collection of production jewellery. Having set up her practice in 2003, she now sells her work in galleries throughout the UK and abroad, alongside temporary exhibitions. Since 2006 Alice has taught Jewellery on the FdA and BA Hons Applied Arts at Cleveland College of Art and Design. Alice's practice has recently progressed to include large scale work for site specific installation. The opportunity to translate her ideas to an architectural scale has been an exciting challenge. This is an area which Alice can see much potential for future growth. read full statement

Location Durham, North East