Alice Briggs

Alice Briggs is an artist from Aberystwyth. She studied Visual Performance at Dartington College of Arts and later went on to take an MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies at Newcastle University. Alice's current work engages with memory and objects in the practice of collection and interpretation within museums, galleries, outdoor spaces and the domestic sphere.In 2006 she set up the artists group Blaengar and has since curated and exhibited in two projects with the group. Blaengar aims to produce art in the landscape and built environment, support emerging artists, and promote cross disciplinary collaboration. Recent work includes arts education projects with Artes Mundi and g39, working for Wales at the Venice Biennale 2003 and 2005, as Arts Facilitator for HAUL arts in health in Ceredigion and project managing artists-in-residence with Cywaith Cymru (now Safle). read full statement

Location Aberystwyth, Wales