Photo: Alfredo Cramerotti in Llandudno, Wales

Alfredo Cramerotti

Artist, Curator, Critic, Publisher, Lecturer / academic

Concepts In my artistic practice I focus on the dialogue between the means of artistic production (text, installation, audio, video, performance, curating and cultural management - all considered part of it) and the framework constituted by artwork, context and audience. I intend my work as a space where the above triad of references updates any previous understanding of art such as form-content, avant garde-tradition, etc. Influences I come from an engagement with theory as practice. My art and curatorial works (and narratives for press, radio and TV broadcasting) are a constant attempt to generate their own language in the dialogue with the public. General Profile Born 1967 in Trento, Italy. Writer, curator, editor and artist of contemporary culture, including media production (curating and producing TV formats, radio programs, film screenings, video festivals and printed publishing), contemporary art (curating and producing moving, still image and audio narratives, exhibitions, installations and performances), cultural management and writing (art and media essays, personal essays). Publications Author and editor of: All That Fits: The Aesthetics of Journalism catalogue with Simon Sheikh [author] and Jill Carruthers [editor] [All That Fits: The Aesthetics of Journalism, 2011]; Author of: LA POSSIBILE ESTETICA DEL GIORNALISMO [Italian] with Simon Sheikh [Author] [DigiCult: DigiMag Issue 65, 2011]; Editor of: Insurance.aes 256by Michael Takeo Magruder [author], [Insurance.aes 256, 2011]; Apologies, errors and omissions, justifications, corrections and Clarifications, retractions and refusals, denials and distinctions by Anita Di Bianco [editor] [Corrections and Clarifications, 2011]; A Close-up on Violence / La violenza da vicino [Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea Palermo - Loredana Longo: Neither Here Nor There, 2011]; The contemporary city: grey, flat and empty? [review of Unmapping the City]by Katrin Ecker ["dérive" magazine 2011]; The Essence of Things / Il senso delle cose [Eco Art Prize Catalogue, 2011]; Some Notes On Expanded [FORMAT11 International Photography Festival, UK 2011]; Tracing Circles: Enabling Artistic Praxis Through Participation (Not The Other Way Around) [Premio Furla 2011 Catalogue]; Essays and article for Brumaria: Expanded Violence [Spain, 2011]; Private InArt and Knowledge Production in Context [Austria, 2010]; Manifesta 8 Book catalogue [Spain/Italy, 2010]; Manifesta Journal: Collective Curating [Netherlands, 2010]; book Aesthetic Journalism: How to Inform without Informing [UK & US, 2009]; Comrade Fear, article in Esse Arts+Opinions #61 [Canada, 2008]; Performative cinema, short essay for Altyazi #60 [Turkey], on cinema as performative act (2007); Kinosmosis. The city and its screens, short essay/interview with G. Farinelli for Altyazi #58 (Turkey) on politics of cinematographic representation (2007); Mediating spaces, essay for International Journal of Media Cultural Politics 2-1 (UK) on the constitution of relational space in large-scale international art exhibitions (2006); Out There, Right Here, article in Supplement of Pages Magazine 4 (The Netherlands) on radio as means of production of a public sphere (2005); From the Metropolis to the Village. And Back Again, interview with M. Gisbourne in Neue Review 7 (Germany) on XI Rohkunstbau international site-specific exhibition and cultural politics in Berlin (2004); Ideas Matter Choice, article for Innocence & Mystery publication (Germany) on self-organised cultural practices in Berlin (2003). Editor of Critical Photography book series at Intellect Books, UK & US [2009-ongoing]. For an update of the book published please refer to Intellect Books page of the series:,id=19/ Lectures and presentations Visiting Lecturer and Speaker V2_ Institute of Unstable Media Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2011); Nottingham Trent University, UK (2011, 2010 and 2009); Aelia Media/Villa delle Rose Bologna (2011); Sotheby's Insitute of Art London (2011); FORMAT 11 International Photography Festival, Derby (2011); University of DAI Dutch Art Institute, The Netherlands (2011 and 2010); ArtEZ MFA Dutch Art Institute; ARTIUM Vitoria, Spain (2011); Rapallo Fotografia Contemporanea, Italy (2011); Westminster London, UK (2010), University of Derby, UK (2010); Bedfordshire University, UK (2009) Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen Innsbruck, Austria with the papers An ABC of Aesthetic Journalism (with Fay Nicolson, 2008); [Art]chitecture: an artistic approach to "building" (2007), and Aesthetic Journalism: News media and artistic platforms in contemporary society (2007); Moderator of the Made in Video opening debate at Danish Film Institute Copenhagen, Denmark; Lecturer on media representation with the video-performance Comrade Alfredo Nero at Hotel Pro Forma and Royal Academy of Art Copenhagen, Denmark (2006); Presentations at University of the Arts Berlin, Germany, with the paper The Artist as Journalist: Performing Documentary in Contemporary Art Practice (2005); Haus am Waldsee Berlin, Germany, with the paper Corporate Funding in Contemporary Art Organisations, an open Question (2004); Peer Critique sessions at Whitechapel Art Gallery London, UK (2003). Memberships AICA International Association of Art Critics, UK section; IKT International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art; VAGA Visual Arts and Galleries Association, UK; NWN New Work Network, UK; Axis / Visual Association, UK read full statement

Location Llandudno, Wales
Activities Lecturing, Critical writing, Curating, Exhibitions programme, Visual arts consultancy
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Publication, Digital, Photography, Research
Tags asthetic journalism, investigative art, cross-art forms, curatorial expertise, mass media communication, research-based practice

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