My practice is cross-disciplinary, often incorporating elements of performance, installation and film. My work tends to be non-gallery-based and is site-specific - each project tailored to suit the space I am working in and the communities of people that I bring together to form unique collaborations. My work is usually temporary in its nature, with the process of development often being as important (if not more so) than an end product or event. I view the majority of my work as collaborative and play different roles in each situation, always as a facilitator but sometimes playing a more visible role as a performer or director. Food - its production, distribution and consumption - is a key area of interest in my practice, particularly the social aspect of people coming together to grow, cook and eat food. I am also interested in food systems on a local and global level; the means and methods of production, exchange and sustainability. I seek to explore and investigate and bring attention to these issues through the staging of events, the creation of platforms (both physical and metaphorical) and interventions which bring people together and encourage dialogue around our connection to our environment, the land and to each other. I want to spark connections on different levels, from the very personal act of eating to the wider issues of global food security. I am also interested in encouraging people to see, experience and use familiar environments in a different way. read full statement

Location Glasgow, Scotland