Alex Pearl

Artist, Film-maker, Writer, Lecturer / academic

Alex Pearl makes mini epic films, video installations, sculpture and books. Throughout his work there is a sense of an acceptance of failure or disappointment as important parts of the human condition. Using readily available materials and software the films are made from: suddenly apprehended ideas, discovered objects and impromptu processes. They are comparable with the sketch or doodle, an initial throwaway idea made visible. They make light with big issues and are in turn haunting and funny. His sculpture is fragile, temporary and has the appearance of being on the verge of collapse or already broken. The work displays playfulness with its own limitations and a hopeless desire for greatness. There is an openness in his practice. Works are freely available online and are often submitted to the harsh criticism of the YouTube and blogging communities where pieces are often reworked under the public gaze. Alex Pearl creates situations, which illustrate our predicament. His short videos have the improvisational nature of the sketch. They revolve around the fate of simple creatures conjured from lollipop sticks or ping-pong balls. These creatures are set in motion through primitive actions and machines, and filmed whilst left to their fate. This fate is, of course, dictated by gravitational and other forces, plus a great deal of chance. The power of these understated and subtle films belie their impoverished roots. (Kate McFarlane, Drawing Links Catalogue, 2006) Almost every aspect of this film is almost nothing, and yet that is why it is so haunting and so memorable. It feels like an empty dream. (Lynda Morris, excerpt from Drawing Links Catalogue, 2006) read full statement

Location Ipswich, East
Activities Higher education, Further education, Practice-based research, Residencies
Artforms / type of project Animation, Film & Video, Performance, Sculpture