Alex Dewart

Artist, Curator, Teacher

As a painter I use layering of images and pattern to suggest changing meanings and the revisiting of old histories. For many years landscape played a large part in my work but more recently figurative forms have dominated. I paint old statues, sculptures, ornaments, ancient objects whose original function is lost in time. These figures are painted on small deep canvases covered in patterned printed cottons, like small domestic icons. Although the history of icon painting has had some influence, I have drawn most inspiration from Sigmar Polke's enigmatic layered mixed media canvases and Matisse's interiors where women float on shifting carpets. Instead of landscape I more often employ architectural forms such as bridges, doors or wind turbines, objects which have resonances of change and crossings over. read full statement

Location Marlow, South East
Activities Adult education, Learning programmes, Curating
Artforms / type of project Education project, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Textiles
Tags History, Surrealism, Figurative, Landscape

News & Events

  • Whittingham Riddell National Open Art Competiton

    10/08/2014 – 31/08/2014
    Weston Park

    A national art competition, I have 2 artworks from my Berlin Residency included

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  • At the First Clash, Alex Dewart,Marion Piper,Lindall Pearce

    20/06/2014 – 12/07/2014
    Surface Gallery Nottingham

    Group Show

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