Alexandra Johns

Concepts The overall theme of my work is natural forms. I like to look at interesting forms found in nature such as seed pods and sea urchins. Through experimentation and sketching I develop vessel shapes, which are usually round and rotund forms; however, even when working on a specific vessel or project the pieces often evolve and develop, and the end result does not always resemble the original design - I see this as an important part of the evolution of my work.Influences My influences come predominantly from natural forms such as seed pods and general plant life. I like to explore round, bulbous shapes, developing them into ideas for vessels. Culturally my influences come from the artist Anish Kapoor - with his series of vivid blue installation pieces used for his Turner prize-winning show. I am also influenced by the sculptor Peter Randall-Page who produces stone wood sculptures based on natural forms such as fir cones and seeds.Career path I decided from a young age that I wanted to work in the Arts. After completing my A Levels I went on to do a year's foundation course in Art and Design. It was there that I decided I wanted to concentrate on ceramics. I studied at West Surrey College of Art and Design and gained a degree in ceramics. Since then I have been combining my ceramic work, (selling it through galleries) with teaching art workshops. read full statement

Location Southampton, South East