Alexander Stevenson

Alexander Stevenson


I'm a visual artist and project maker, often working with the perception of 'knowledge' (surrounding specific groups of people or institutions) to produce diverse outcomes that are analytical, witty and intriguing. These artworks intend to question the way in which we relate to knowledge and knowledge systems. This includes objects and activities that explore and challenge ways of archiving, our relationship to history, cultural appropriation, shared beliefs, personal myths, and the act of re-presentation.

In all of my projects I conduct in-depth research and often interview people from within an institution or a community. I then create divergent interpretations in from their perception of, and relationship to, a given subject.

Research undertaken with the isle of Eigg in the Scottish Small isles in late 2008 has been the locus of my work for the past 3 years. It begun with a thorough investigation of the way a largely new population, who immigrated in the 1980's, related to their contemporary and historical landscape. With a second trip in 2009 as artist in residence, it became known as “Project Eigg”. From interviews it led to interventions with island buildings and monuments. It fed into performances out on the hillsides about lost mythologies and the creation of new ones.

Since then I have worked with scriptwriters, dramaturgs, actors, costume makers, academic professors, curators and established filmmakers to produce an ongoing series of cross-platform works in numerous forms, called “The Eigg Lectures”. Each re-imagine a set of events that can be likened to the prosaic origins of British myths like Cú Chulainn and the Mabinogion.

A strong theme throughout my current practice is that of re-telling and re-presenting through diverse means, demonstrating creative potential within the confusion and control of information.
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Location Glasgow, Scotland