Photo: Alexander Johnson in Hove, South East

Alexander Johnson


I’m trying to bridge the gap between memory and the present day in my work. After returning from travelling, motifs will arise in the painting process that come to symbolise place, time and cultural history. Often I’m returning to cities I’ve lived in or visited in the past which already have their own vocabulary in the work. There is an element of storytelling here although the images are abstracted. I surround myself with sketches and photographs in the studio but ultimately try to paint as instinctively as possible. Paintings are like children, you create the right environment and nurture them as best you can, but ultimately they speak for themselves and you have to respect that. There are many times when a favourite section of painting has been sacrificed in order to make the whole thing work. Represented by The Project Gallery, Arundel, West Sussex.

Location Hove, South East
Activities Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Tags abstract, artist, contemporary, painter, printmaker, london, British, bronze, brighton

News & Events


    With Modern ArtBuyer agency.

  • November 3 - 16, 2014: Gallery 40, 40 Gloucester Road, North Laine, Brighton BN1 4AQ

    Solo exhibition of new paintings and work on paper.

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