Alan Baker

Artist, Maker
Early career

As an artist, my main areas of interest for the past three years have been the issues that surround relationships between humans and animals. With these, I have developed a number of themes, which look at our unlikely encounters with animals in everyday environments, for example, animals as meat, monstrous forms, animals in urban spaces. I have explored the bodily connection between pigs and humans, through performance and painting and have also worked with experimental taxidermy addressing playful notions of 'stuffing', influenced by the film The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Her Lover. My recent work explores the properties of sculpture and drawing. For example, by looking at the spaces animals inhabit and turning them into sculptural forms through methods of casting with different materials. The materials I have been experimenting with are plaster, concrete, silicone, liquid plastic and animal fats. These materials capture and record the imprints, traces and gestures of animal activities. I am also interested in the symbolic use of materials by artists such Joseph Beuys as well as exploring how the human body is interpreted and used as a material in itself. With an exploration of the wild, domesticated and agricultural habitats of rabbits, foxes, birds, dogs and rats I raise important questions about the residual traces left of the animal in different environments. read full statement

Location Newport / Telford, West Midlands
Activities Higher education, Workshops, Community arts, Public art
Artforms / type of project Project, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture

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