Alexis K Johnson, AKarts

Artist Alexis K Johnson works under the title of AKarts to make accomplished participatory art and creative adventures with and for the public. The projects result in fun shared experiences, learning and original art. Working across film, live arts, dance, installation & visual arts Alexis works often collaboratively in public spaces, attracting profile, attention & a sense of community ownership. She has also produced work for profile venues such as Tate Britain, V&A and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Alexis is passionate about making these experiences fun, engaging and participant lead. She consults communities and delivers capacity building to put participants in the centre. Themes are drawn from the vitality and heritage of the community she is working with. Alexis strives to produce accomplished participatory art that communities love and own. Unique relationships are brokered, community cohesion tackled, engagement & local pride won. She works with local councils, education providers, housing associations, local business, NHS, cultural organisations, voluntary and charity sector to make this happen. read full statement

Location London