Aimee Bogacz

I'm interested in the curious aspects of human behaviour, about how we interact within society. The figures or objects I choose for my subjects are stripped bare from any details. By painting or cutting out their shapes I turn them into neutral symbols, a representation of a type, a logo that is there for the viewer to project their own views upon. I often use recognisable characters in my paintings to help draw the viewer in for further inspection. I like to give the viewer a starting point for engagement; a way in, to further investigate the deeper issues involved in my work. Within my pieces I often play with the idea of fiction and reality in order to create strange, crazy and confusing worlds with the chosen characters. I experiment with scale producing my objects in various sizes from miniature wall drawings to eight foot mannequin cut outs.I like the idea of my work having a 'home-made' aesthetic, showing traces of imperfection and indications as to how it was initially made. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland