Photo: Ailsa Magnus in Selby, Yorkshire

Ailsa Magnus


Ailsa Magnus ARBS graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1989. After completing postgraduate studies at Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon's University, Aberdeen, she spent 4 years at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop. During this time she concentrated on exhibiting and building on her skills, developing a portfolio of work. Since arriving in Selby from her native Scotland in 1994, Ailsa has established a solid reputation in public art. In addition to carved wood and stone sculptures, her public commissions across Northern England, London and Wales have included carved brick relief walls, cast relief floor-scapes and decorative paving. Her most recent works have been cast in iron both free-standing and ground based. In 2010 she was made an Associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. Ailsa has collaborated with her husband, Hamish Marr, for over 20 years. In 2009 they formed an official business partnership and now take a joint approach to their public commissions as well as working on personal projects. Artist's Statement: The motivation for the work is the opportunity to make and place works of an enduring quality, both aesthetically and literally, in the environment. Works which enhance, inform, cause discussion or debate and have a relevance to the lives of the community. This is what we strive to develop with every new project that presents itself.

Location Selby, Yorkshire
Activities Workshops, Arts in health, Community consultation, Public art, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Consultancy, Education project, Public Art, Sculpture

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