Aidan Moesby

Aidan Moesby

Artist, Curator, Project manager, Consultant, Lecturer / academic

As a socially engaged/responsive artist my process is research-based around dialogues and conversations. These may be spoken, observed, forensic or creative. Focused on memory and identity both from a cultural and personal viewpoint, I am fascinated by how we communicate and connect. From this research-based approach to relationships between people and place - often through the distillation of intimate, concealed histories - I produce text based responsive interventions in which the works serve as the pivot/axis/catalyst for a personal or communal exploration through an internal or socially active/engaged conversation. I utilise a range of media to execute my work, employing sensitivity to the nature and function of the location. The context dictates which material/s I use and how I fabricate.

The way in which we experience places and spaces, both physically and emotionally within varying timeframes/activities is a major influence. Buildings, as people, have both public and hidden aspects. My work explores the notion of what is concealed and what is revealed - through deliberate choice and unavoidable accident. Working extensively with text I utilise Letterpress. I mix analogue and digital technologies to create interventions and installations within galleries and non traditional showing spaces. Artists Books are playing an increasing role within my work.

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Location Newcastle/Gateshead, North East
Activities Primary education, Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Training delivery, Arts in health, Disability arts, Participatory projects, Public art, Private commissions, Critical writing, Creative writing, Curating, Gallery education, Visual arts consultancy, Project management
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Installation, Participatory, Printmaking, Text
Tags Text, Book Arts, Letterpress, Installation, Public Realm, Print Making, Visual Art, Intervention, Sculpture, Environmental

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