Agnes Nedregard

Artist, Maker, Teacher

Agnes Nedregard is exploring how our personal and cultural luggage informs our interpretations of situations, places and people. She places the experience of being a human body at the centre of the work, charging her presence in the world with physical energy, psychological images, actions and symbols. The unpredictability of communication in the real moment of a meeting, whether with a place or with her audience, is her starting point, to where she brings herself, dressed in absurdly charged costumes, objects, and sometimes video. The camera she uses to focus close upon the tactile meeting between body and surfaces, or to bring together unexpected combinations of elements. Sometimes they will compliment a live work, other times they become stand alone video pieces. Objects, substances and materials are arranged to create specific atmospheres, performative in themselves or as props for performative actions. She uses drawing as "storyboards" as well as documentation from events, for their hands-on quality and tactile properties. The performance itself is where all these elements come together, and the various properties of performance as a medium are constantly under scrutiny in Agnes' work. Always adapting the work to the site, audience and situation at hand, these become dialogue partners in the unfolding of events where the final outcome is never known until it is over. Frequently she enters collaborations with other artists, including Brazilian aerial acrobat Raquel Nicoletti, Scottish painter Moray Hillary, Scottish composer Harold Nono - and in the performance group FireBirds (2004-05), Molly Haslund (Denmark) and Anthony Schrag (Canada). Agnes is available for workshops, lecturing and tutoring in performance art - lecture performance on contemporary Nordic performance art - presentation of individual arts practice as performance lecture - introductory workshops in visual performance art - advanced workshops - Performance as Encounter - individual or group tutoring and mentoring, for students and professionals Available for exhibitions and live performances - individually - in collaboration with Raquel Nicoletti (Suspended) - in collaboration with Moray Hillary (Nedregard & Hillary) ENTRANCES catalogue by NABROAD - Nedregard & Hillary read full statement

Location Glasgow, Scotland
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops