Adele Stephenson

Artist, Maker

For many years I have been interested in exploring the sensitivity of the human body to place and environment. Until 2011 this was expressed largely through figurative work in both painting and collage that examined the relationship between space and identity. More recently however my work has moved away from the overtly figurative toward a concentration on landscape, with the presence of the body frequently only implied. My recent projects have involved the creating of “natural” objects (such as pine cones and deer antlers) that - in my use of clay, wire and twine - reveal the material processes of their construction. Exposing these processes makes visible both the strength and vulnerability of the objects, linking nature and culture and, thus, speaks to important issues of survival and decay. I like to consider the physical fabrication of my work as similar to a footprint that reveals a constant human presence across all landscapes even - perhaps especially - those that appear 'empty' spaces. My growing interest in landscape and environment has led me to constantly re-evaluate scale - to make the large small and the small large - and to strive to understand and represent the constant tension between presence/absence that familiarizes alien environments while defamiliarizing the objects and environments that seem so mundane and everyday. In doing so I want my work - whether painting, collage, or sculpture - to speak to those fundamental issues of place, identity, and understanding that underpin our individual relationships to both art and the world. read full statement

Location Wakefield, Yorkshire
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Private commissions