Photo: Adam King in London, South East

Adam King


A collage of catalogue cut outs and images of nature, skulls and rib cages composed in brightly coloured vinyl explodes across paper in swirling abundance. Skyscrapers pose in wigs and jackets in an urban vista shot through with allusion to celebration and decay. A recycled life-style magazine becomes raw material for an autumnal pastoral where cars fail to navigate safely whilst images of fashion models become rocks and dunes in a post-apocalyptic seascape imbued with vibrant colour.

King’s narrative collages and mixed media works on paper cast a beady eye over the contemporary landscape. He proposes fantasy scenarios explored within imaginary yet familiar pastoral and urban environments. Opulent panoramas of spatial complexity dissolve in a kaleidoscope of vignettes and coalesce in an epic sweep. His playful handling of materials reveals fractured surfaces imbued with a sense of optimism. King samples a wide range of influences from cinema, literature and art history. He riffs on the cultural associations of materials e.g. watercolour and pastoral, spray paint and urban to re-fashion forms with an alternative sensibility and evoke a subversive edge.

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Location London, South East
Activities Practice-based research
Artforms / type of project Project, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Text
Tags collage, drawing, narrative, fantasy, installation, appropriation, process, urban, landscape, making