Adam King

Adam King


Adam King’s current drawings take inspiration from new housing and infrastructure developments in the Norfolk countryside as a means to explore contemporary relationships to nature and the rural landscape. King uses acrylic spray paint and stencils to compose a semi-abstract language of geometric forms and outlines within a sparse, pared-down whole. Utilising a range of mark making techniques he evokes the iconic forms, fleeting light effects and brooding atmospheres of the Norfolk landscape. Pastel rubbed along paper edges suggest the furrows and patterns of ploughed fields whilst translucent rain-soaked clouds are composed through layers of paint in different hues. King looks to a range of reference to inform his recent work including landscapes by Ravilious, Nash, Ruisdael and Constable.




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Location Norwich, East
Activities Practice-based research, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Animation, Drawing, Installation, Printmaking, Sculpture
Tags collage, drawing, narrative, installation, appropriation, process, landscape, making

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