Photo: Adam King in London, South East

Adam King


King’s spatially complex and atmospheric images reconfigure and re-present the familiar with an irreverent, alternative sensibility. His practise that incorporates collage, drawing, installation, animation and print explores a process of evolution with each work proposing a follow-up. He utilises a wide variety of media and mark making to compose ruptured surfaces that reveal myriad imagery and detail. King appropriates a diverse range of reference and allusion from art history, literature, cinema, sci-fi and current affairs. His recent narrative works on paper riff on themes including the proposed Runway at Heathrow, New build housing estates, Woodland still life genre and a futuristic Venice.




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Location London, South East
Activities Practice-based research, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Project, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Tags collage, drawing, narrative, fantasy, installation, appropriation, process, urban, landscape, making

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