Photo: Adam King in London, South East

Adam King


An historical church interior is reconfigured with reference to contemporary interior design and filtered through vinyl and the traditional medium of watercolor. The resulting aesthetic mixes the glitzy and tacky with the austere as this icon of religious power dissolves into the secular. Transformed into a fantastical modern realm for glamorous couples and business people this opulent stage set reveals an imaginary yet all-too possible place inhabited by a privileged and inaccessible elite. King even leaves out detail in the protagonists’ faces to create an unbridgeable distance from us the viewer. Through an imaginative and intuitive response King’s collages, drawings and site-specific installations observe modern urban and pastoral environments with a beady eye. Using strategies of appropriation and collage he re-configures forms and materials with an alternative aesthetic to evoke a subversive edge. King uses a variety of media within the same work mining historical and cultural associations e.g. watercolor and the pastoral, spray paint and urban. Vibrant color and playful handling of materials and textures create atmosphere-laden terrains shot through with celebration and decay. Smooth, shiny vinyl in rich tones is juxtaposed with subtle gestural drawings in crayon, dripping strands of glitter laden glue and catalogue cut outs. King's works often suggest invented mythologies played out within spatially complex stage sets. His images spill across the composition in vignettes and scenes that build a cinematic epic sweep. read full statement

Location London, South East
Artforms Project, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Text
Tags collage, drawing, narrative, fantasy, installation, appropriation, process, urban