Adam Kalinowski

I'm making art for over 20 years by now. For the last 10 years I devoted mostly my work for a public realm. I work with different kind of materials, mostly steel but also I use balloons with gas, kinetic motion or projection. I don't perceive my work as a ritual; There is no absolute, or no another steady point in art. The art is partly an elusive dream, among other things because it is a trip of Mind into the unknown, and the more unknown, the better. It means the readiness of the artist and the receiver to make a discovery of the fundamental quality, some kind of unknown primeval energy of cultural life, owing to which the life is regaining the power and the glamour. Vector of Art - the discreet and hidden direction in which the mind makes its way. For more materials of mine please look at my website below. read full statement

Location LONDON, London