Photo: Adam Laurence Hedley in London

Adam Laurence Hedley


My paintings are highly intuitive, offering a stream of conscious expression balanced between the simultaneously whimsical and the brutal. Oscillating between the figurative and abstract, multi-layered images of quasi - characters, intrusive blobs, trunks, geometric intersections, oddly shaped proboscises, and vessels effuse disjointed rhythms and an absorption with the semiotics of painterly language. My preoccupation is with the material itself – the visceral quality of paint, texture and the accumulation of marks and emphasis on colour. I have no advance visual strategy, but instead meander through the subconscious, with a free form approach. Encouraging a perfomatitive aspect in the doing and undoing of the image, the transfigurations, covering, layering and revealing of shape and line generate a dialogue between intuition and accident. Replacing the arbitrary with a serendipitous account of the unpredictability, the work espouses doubt and uncertainty, the comic and the absurd and the awkward and the isolated.

Location London
Activities Residencies, Public art, Public relations, Photographic documentation, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting